Friday, November 11, 2011


When the moon, like a silver dollar
Is skimming the crest of the hill
When day slips beneath the horizon
And evening is solemn and still
I feel it steal over my heartbeat
Akin to the gathering of dew
A rush of the past there to greet me
And I know that you feel it too

When twilight becomes the distinction
Dividing what is with what was
Enlarging my scope of reflection
And time’s vast expanse between us
I gather my longing that lingers
And wrap, like a favorite worn cloak
The echo of you through my fingers
Retracing the words that we spoke

When night’s broader shadows have deepened
As heaven and earth coalesce
When all of creation is sleeping
Beneath the pale moonlight’s caress
I feel you steal into my breathing
In whispers of soft azure blue
Infusion of pleasure and grieving
And I know that you feel it too
Yes, I know that you feel it too



  1. This is really lovely. Lots of memorable and very moving lines. Not least:
    I feel you steal into my breathing

  2. Dave, thank-you for reading and for your thoughts. I appreciate it.


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