Saturday, November 19, 2011

Adding to my Suspicions

You crumple the blue clouds into a dark ball
Adding a chill to each breath you exhale
You strip away lingering petals of fall
And petrify frostily, dawn’s misty veil
You slip your fingers beneath my coat-collar
And laugh, as I shiver at your icy clutch
Gathering your troops, you sweep into the hollow
Where flowers relinquished their blooms to your touch
You moan at my doorway and rattle the window
Grabbing my attention from embers that glow
And I must admit you have raised my suspicions…
…I think you are holding a world full of snow

Janet Martin


  1. Very clever, Janet. This poem can definitely be read on a few different levels.

  2. Thank-you Mary, for 'seeing' the levels.


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