Friday, August 13, 2021

Moment-ous Measure, (Time's Good Treasure)

This poem, Like Sparkles on a Surging Swell, came up on my blog-dashboard
 this morning because someone clicked on it,
amplifying my annual August lament...
as summer's fading fringes become more apparent

Then my sister sent me this photo of a long-ago vacation.
 It fell out from behind a drawer as she cleaned out the cupboards to prepare for a kitchen-reno
(all these kids now dealing with the season of young adulthood with all its challenges and joys )

to be poured into 

Moments murmur, full of summer flowing out of reach and sight
Sometimes seems like dreams-come-true slip through our bearing overnight
Laughter ripples, echoes stipple streams once rushing raw and rife
Where an ocean of emotion rolls across shorelines of life

Moment-measure spills in treasure that soon other moments steal
Such a touch-and-taste-good-pleasure, sparkling like a rhinestone-reel
Carousels of fare-thee-well twirl where hello’s fond friendships meld
With time’s tinctures painting pictures of seasons so briefly held

Momentum of here-they-come and there-they-go, oh, me-oh-my
Sparks a hunger for the younger afternoons of mid-July
Yet, soft-kindles, with what dwindles in the middle of lament
Awed awareness of the rareness of today’s precious present

Moments meter bitter, sweeter, who knows what they hold in store
Makes us cherish what will perish on dusk’s silhouette-scaped shore
While the Giver of this river full of Time’s momentous tow
Brightens duty with the beauty of what new moments bestow

Moments marble gold and purple with more muted shades of gray
Bygone's coffers brim with offers on breath-banners of new day
Longing wrangles with what tangles heart-strings into Wonder's Birth
Teaching us to treasure the good measure of a moment's worth

© Janet Martin

Bygone's coffers brim with offers on breath-banners of new day...

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