Friday, August 20, 2021

It's Barefoot Days

One snared on the run as I chuckled over
a cute little collection of shoes left behind because

What's your summer happy place?
Mine is anywhere bare feet are allowed😊

It’s barefoot days
A dusty haze
And golden shimmered glance
Before the chill
Of snow-days spill
In diamond-studded dance

We revel in
Bronze-beveled grin
Of summer spent-too-soon
And part our lips
To snare the drips
Of honey-sweet high-noon

It’s barefoot bliss
Shoes strewn amiss
To feel Earth kiss our soles/souls
And taste the truth
Of hasty youth
Slipping through sky-blue holes

…to make the most
Of summer’s toast
To flower-bower joy
To celebrate
The blithesome gait
Of barefoot girl and boy

It’s barefoot days
Where landscapes blaze
Beneath a quickened clime
Where cricket and
Serenade summer time

© Janet Martin

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