Monday, August 30, 2021

Courage, With Joy

Below is a message from my friend Jane, sent to me years ago
after I confessed how terribly terrified I am to share the poetry publicly...
I printed and scotch-taped her reminder beside my computer screen
and it has been a powerful reminder more times than I can count...

Because of the prolific nature of this 'poem-porch' 
one might assume it's easy to hit 'publish' and bare heart-pieces to the world. 
But if it were possible to pull apart the place where feelings lie you would see
so much would-be insecurity, timidity and fear! 
However, whatever our creative outlet is, 
we only ever create with what God first has created. 
We are like children playing with His crayons 
and thereby we create 
and owe God an answer when He asks,
'What are you going to do with it?'

The most terrifying, exhilarating thing we will ever do
is to 'let go and let God!'

My friends host our church's podcast for women.
 Another friend is the guest on the latest episode 8.
I was so touched by her reminder that,
'as we are aware that we create with what He gives
creativity becomes a source and form of constant worship'
Yes, and
 This worship helps to fill life with constant joy!

George Macdonald wrote over a hundred years ago
"A poet is a man who is glad of something and
tries to make other people glad of it too"
That quote is still as true as ever
and reveals why an artist has the courage, with joy,
to share what they/we have created... recognize with holy awe that all we are and touch
Is created and granted by He who loves us so much
We are so very diff'rent, yet still so very 'the same'
Created in His image to bring glory to His name

How loud doubt's voice would shout with fearful insecurity
Without His still small voice that whispers 'just do it for Me'
Then suddenly dark demons flee and joy transforms despair
As we honour His majesty with talents He put there 

Forbid, when face to face we give account for what we did
That pride or doubt or lack of faith kept our talents hid
Or that Comparison, (the deadliest kill-joy of all)
Would have succeeded in making us ashamed of His Call

So pray for courage to proceed with joy to glorify
The Giver with the gift that He has given you and I
Then, as we hold the crayons, may we be filled with sheer awe 
To feel His Hand over our fingers, teaching us to draw

Janet Martin

Let's all seek to bless others by glorifying the Giver
with our gift/s.

This poem could also be called
Why my to-do list grows longer and longer
because in the middle of Very Busy...a poem might nudge😊

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