Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ultimate Joy

Today we are have a family reunion/ 90th birthday party for my husband's mother.
It looks like there is the potential for a lot of rain to fall in that time frame.
How often in life do we pray for sun but rain is sent instead?
Yet, if we pray 'Thy will be done' He helps us, dry or wet!

My kiddos that come during the week LOVE a good rain-shower
because it always brings sweet splashing puddles.
This week it poured while toddler wailed and tugged my hand because she wanted to play outside.
But the thunder rolled and lightning flashed and Janet did not relent.
Little One, in the moment, did not understand why. 
A bit like us toddlers sometimes, with our Heavenly Father, isn't it?

Toddler, all in good time had her joy complete...
muddy water dripping from her chin😍

Heavenly Father, help us to remember You know best!
Help us to...
 'grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
 To him be glory both now and forever!
2 Peter 3:18

...and not to throw toddler-tantrums when we don't get
what we want when we want it!

We pray for sunshine but if rain is Thy reply
Lord, help us to give thanks and not to fret with futile ‘why’

We pray that we would be a lamp your love shines through
Reflecting, in humility, the love we have for You

Then, whether loss or gain, wish granted or denied
We pray dear Lord, in sun or rain, You will be glorified

We pray for grace to meet the day with hearts at rest
As our joy is made complete in knowing You know best

© Janet Martin

A blessed day of rest and worship
to you and yours!
Oh! and Happy August💕

The author of this hymn is living testimony of its words
Here is a link to her story.

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