Friday, August 13, 2021

Forever-Gratefulness (for sisters)

This poem was inspired by the past week or two
by my sisters (and sister-in-laws that feel like sisters💗)
The main difference with sister-in-laws is that they had to learn to
tolerate if not appreciate Martin-girl quirks😉

*cucumbers from Lucy

Last year for Carolyn's 50th we enjoyed a day out together ( a rare occasion/delight)

We share garden-fare overflow
Cucumbers, beans and flower-slips
The brunt of high-five and low blow
Recipes, cleaning-canning-tips

We share our cares and prayer requests
Milestones, updates and poetry
And lend a hand when life upsets
Love’s heart-cart full of family

Laughter and tears are understood
As the firm hand of time’s finesse
Strengthens the bond of sisterhood
With fond, forever-gratefulness

We share the love of mom and dad
And years where childhood echoes drift
We share the joy of Humbly Glad
And thank God for each sister-gift

© Janet Martin

Each sister fills a special place.
As I reflected over just the past couple weeks
I realized how easily I could take for granted this
huge blessing as we exchanged recipes
such as how to get creative with zucchini etc.
One evening when I returned home from getting groceries Victoria said,
"Cheryl called. She said she will call back.
something about sharing something she read 
that she thought you would enjoy!
(and she did call back and I did enjoy it)
*Right now I am canning
 over-flow-from-her-garden cucumbers from Lucy. 
Our family is enjoying wedding leftovers Carolyn dropped off.
Marlene took some beans off my hands the other day,
not afraid to ask 'do you have any to spare for our supper?'

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