Thursday, August 5, 2021

A Rural Mural (of Ontario's August Countryside)

Ontario's August countryside is lovely to behold.
Landscapes are laid in checkered counterpanes of green and gold
Ditches and creek beds showcase wild-flowered extravagance
Where summer spills its heart in field and garden opulence 

Ontario's August countryside kindles poetic ink
In waist-deep pools of milkweed plumes, magenta and pale pink
In spools and spools of Queen Ann's Lace unrolled in dainty frills
In purple aster rivers, yellow hyssop, vine tendrils   

Ontario's August countryside serves up a wonder-feast
A buffet table groaning with the aftermath of seeds
Inviting us to partake from earth's smorgasbord unfurled
A healthy, hearty helping of nature's joy to the world

Ontario's August countryside is summer's centerfold
A mile-on-mile wide magazine of beauty to behold
Beneath clouds heaped like cauliflower on platters of blue
Page after page is filled with frames to thrill our points of view 

Ontario's August countryside evokes a worship hymn
Stirred by a breeze, harvest-dust-sweet as wheat is gathered in
As gardens become baskets brimming with treasure of fruit
And gardeners feel like dirt-pirates cum-bearing precious loot 

Ontario's August countryside enchants its passenger
Where soon Time claims its dues and shoos us into September 
So look a little longer where the dust of summer flies
Lest we should take for granted what is right before our eyes

...where pasturelands are dappled with cattle, where willows weep
Where leafy awnings toss shadow-piazzas, dark and deep
Where brooks meander, teasing us to slow our quickened stride
Through rural murals of Ontario's August countryside

© Janet Martin

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