Monday, August 23, 2021

Lest I Lose Sight of the Big Picture...

Our Father, Who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name...

Lest I miss who fills and unfurls morning's mist-borne mercy-tide

Maybe hardship and heartache's main purpose is
to mold the faith that makes us whole!
Maybe the prayers we keep repeating seemingly to no avail
are The Refining/Refiner's Fire, 
because we have not yet fully surrendered heart and soul...
Maybe too often we're missing the main point 
because we focus on the wrong thing;
Us instead of Him!

Lest I look without beholding More than just the visual...

Lest I miss who fills and unfurls morning's mist-borne mercy-tide
Lest I harbor in some heart-nook, an idol of selfish pride
Lest I lose my first love by some lesser blandishment beguiled
Lest the prayers I keep repeating by doubt’s demons are defiled
Lest faith becomes disillusioned, by blindness of sight deterred
Our Father up in Heaven, lead me, feed me through Your Word

Lest I live as if tomorrow was a threshold guaranteed
Lest the quest for success outweighs compassion for one in need
Lest I forget all I have was given to give, not to keep
Lest I gorge while other’s hunger, (yet I give them naught to eat)
Lest I labor, leaving nothing but a castle made of sand
Our Father up in Heaven, guide me with your nail-scarred Hand

Lest the consequence for folly leaves me in depths of despair
Lest hope is shallow and hollow, not transcending death’s cold lair
Lest fear drives me from, not to the place where perfect peace prevails
Lest I discredit the promise of Your love that never fails
Lest I fall prey to the tempter, by hate’s master plan deceived
Keep me through your saving power, knowing Whom I have believed

Lest I weary in well-doing, lest I starve in a Bread-bowl
Lest I look without beholding More than just the visual 
Lest life becomes a collection of things, not relinquishment
Lest, instead of satisfaction, obtaining breeds discontent
Lest I lose faith's focus where distraction twirls Want's carousel
Our Father up in Heaven, help me to remember hell 

Lest I do not love my neighbour, second only, Lord, to Thee
Lest I never learn to linger in your Divine company
Lest I think that I can muster enough courage without You
Lest a heart of half-surrender infects all that I pursue
Lest joy in being forgiven does not satisfy my soul
Our Father up in Heaven, mold the faith that makes me whole

© Janet Martin

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