Wednesday, August 11, 2021

These Stairs We Climb (that look like Time)

This blur we call summer trembles with cricket-song
reminding us of words like 'was' and 'so-long'...

Now that's a 'hill of beans'  said Victoria
when she saw today's task on the table this morning😊

We are abundantly blessed with garden-treasure once again!
Thank-you, Lord

Life is offering almost more task than time these days!
By the grace of God and for His glory, 
off we go on another work-a-day adventure!

This thoroughfare of morrows where time’s seasons strew behind
Like harvest dust, rouses in us loss and gain intertwined
The give and take of dusk and daybreak’s easy ebb and flow
Falls through a fleet of hands and feet like little stars of snow

…where we are always learning, yearning, turning older, oh
Where wonder thunders in our veins as nature steals the show
Where we begin to feel the closing in of shadow-sighs
Yet feel like kings where simple things are life’s most treasured prize

The quiet grace of garden spaces soothes the wounds within
The rush of leaves before the sheaves are gleaned and gathered in
The cooing of the mourning dove, the cricket’s cheep-cheep-cheep
Like minstrels in a symphony that lulls the land to sleep

The tender tug as kiss and hug wears holes right through our hearts
Where planting and the granting of its fruit fills more than carts
Where holy is the toll that rolls from east to west until
The hours cease that lend the lease that numbered days fulfill

This more-than-meets-the-eye, hello, good-bye, this touch and taste
Runs through our forms in sparkle-storms of subtle season-haste
Where we will find sweet peace of mind through thick and thin of days
As we commit the whole of it to God in hymns of praise

As we delight in what is right and leave the rest to He
Who sees beyond the flower-frond of our mortality
Where hope and trust are more than dust that settles in the grave
Where stairs we climb that look like Time lead back to He who gave

© Janet Martin

  “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, 
or whatsoever ye do, 
do all to the glory of God.” 
1 Corinthians 10:31.

Remember when time seemed to crawl?
Little Girl is eagerly counting the days till she can be a school-girl!

Me? I want to cry 'slow down'
Let me linger over dinners and dreams!

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