Monday, August 9, 2021

For Fishermen of Line and Pen

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

The lake we were at a few weeks ago
was dotted with fishing-boats for hours at a time
from first light till dark...

As they trolled for fish I watched from the dock with pen in hand 
and it dawned on me that writing and fishing have a lot in common; 
both require learning patience as we troll the deeps...

This sea gull had a better luck than a few of the fishermen I chatted with...

Time is a little like a pond teeming with want and wish
We, perched on banks of Great Beyond are learning how to fish
The hooks we bait then cast into the deep end of today
Require learning how to wait while we work, watch and pray

Sometimes we get impatient and we start to fret and fuss
Forgetting He who made us often has to wait for us
While we waste ‘bait’ He granted and intended for our good
Because we didn’t have the faith to trust Him like we should

The fish of conquered fears can be as slippery as an eel
And often disappears into a fog of faded zeal
As we dream of The Big One and bait and rebait the hook
Fixated on a vision of just how this fish will look

Lord, make us patient as we troll but never feel a pull
A fisherman tuned to the goal in spite of dreary lull
To bide the placid guise, not disillusioned by desires
But, recognize The Prize is worth the wait ‘fishing’ requires

…until you draw to shore the barge that sailed the seas of Time
Help us be faithful to the charge of hook and bit ‘o line/rhyme
And as you help us from the dinghy, pray you grant this wish
An offering fit for a King; a little string of fish

© Janet Martin

a few more early morning 'passengers'
Mink, I think...

Canada Geese

Dragon Fly

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