Monday, February 12, 2018

With What We Have...

Do you ever get tired of the same cook-and bake-scenery, wishing for fresh ideas to shake things up? 
Does it seem like, in spite of a rainbow of choices we end up with 'faithful spud' thudding our cooking pot (partly because no one ever says 'ew! what's this?!:) to a potato?
Well, dear cook in the kitchen of life,
welcome to a meander through an orchard of delicious possibilities and nostalgia!
Meet Rose, who makes everyone feel at home in her corner of the world
 as she shares recipes, reflections, and snap-shots of nostalgia! 
This is my attempt at Blueberry-lemon Muffins from her latest post.
Because I didn't have muffin liners mine look a little different from hers. 
I topped them with cinnamon sugar instead of the butter and sugar-dip suggested in the recipe, 
 so they could cool a little more before removing them from the pan. 

 Enjoy your choices today!
We may not always be able to choose the 'ingredients' we are handed in life
but we always choose how we use them!

With what I have, Lord make me glad
And not inclined to pine
Because of something someone had
That I wish would be mine

With what we have, Lord, make us fit
To touch the charge You grant
And never sit and pout a bit
In hopeless pits of ‘can’t

With who we are, Lord, make us brave
Lest we miss out on what we have
While wishing on a star

With what we have, Lord, help us choose
To serve its purpose well
Before the dimming of gold-blues
Where twilight’s shadow fell

© Janet Martin

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