Tuesday, February 20, 2018


"They're only memories if we actually remember them"
One of my 'wise-guys' replied yesterday 
when I suggested they go make a memory for family-day!
Photos are great memory-savers...
funny how a photo wakes pages long heart-preserved!

Today's page holds a 'hey Jim, remember when the basement flooded  in the middle of winter
and you were home because you were recovering from your bladder-surgery?' 
But with life's 'lows' come lots of 'highs'
today,a visit from Uncle Oscar,
Roses a few days ago (thank-you again, Lucy and Karen)...
...flowers from our church family...thank-you!!!
I admired these purple beauties longingly last week...
...when I dropped in to Foodland to pick up strawberries for Valentine's Day dinner,
  ...and last 
but not least HIGHLIGHT!!!,
...memories; some we make, some we simply take!

This page of time we hold but once
Then fold, oft without second glance
Where much we touch, like lost Rembrandts
Scatter where thought cannot ensconce
For long the wants and wars we wage
Before dusk falls and turns the page

This interplay of sound and sight
Of hold-me-tight before farewell
Tables love’s ache within a shell
Cognizant of time’s fading light
Fills pages scattered in a hall
Like tatters we but half-recall

This hope-and-hunger thoroughfare
Of happy highs and lonesome lows
Of here-it-is and there-it-goes
As ‘oh-no’s learn to turn to prayer
Takes moments, some soon lost, some saved
On pages in the heart engraved

© Janet Martin


  1. Attitude is everything. Yours is contagious. Lovely words, Janet. Praying for Jim and now for all of this to dry up quickly! (Yours and mine!)

    1. thank-you and yes! its such a helpless feeling, to just watch the water keep coming up the drain. Your mess is a little more aggravating than ours though 'cause its your office! We had a big flood last summer where i put most of the storage in plastic totes so that helps!

    2. the phrase "it never rains but it pours" comes to mind - just when you think you can't handle any more... something more comes... your thankful heart is inspiring and a much needed reminder!

    3. thank-you for your encouraging words. It really did feel like bad time (as every flood does:)Because the flood is in Matt's 'gym' he is doing a lot of the clean-up!
      So glad that wherever the drain was plugged, let go!


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