Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I Love You Too

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is a funny favorite love song of mine by Tom T. Hall 

‘I love you too’, what better words exist?
The glad reply to love’s said sentiment
It tempers want and wishing’s discontent
And leaves us feeling fully hugged and kissed

‘I love you’ by itself is bittersweet
Though its three words are beautiful, tis true
Until we hear four words, ‘I love you too’
Then, only then is love’s gladness complete

Like skies that never wear their bluest blue
Like hands that never give back what they take
Or hearts that never heal of longing’s ache
Is ‘I love you’ without ‘I love you too’

Then pray, as long as there is me-and-you
Before love is a sad so-long unfurled
We often speak three best words in the world
To stir its four best words; I love you too

© Janet Martin

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