Saturday, February 10, 2018

To Thee, Lovely Maiden In Front Of The Mirror

To thee, lovely maiden in front of the mirror
Let thee by an older Fraulein, be forewarned
Thy raving locks will let thee down, my dearest
And leave thee like many a fair ‘Venus’, scorned

Thy beaming beauty will fade like a flower
Thy fairest form to Time’s hand is fair game
To thee, lovely maiden in front of the mirror
Fix thy joy on something years cannot maim 

...but if thou wouldst worship the face in the mirror
Beaming with pride at the hide we call Youth
Then, I pray listen to this tidbit of caution
Someone is waiting to show you the truth

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh, those mirrors...especially the ones in changing rooms at stores -- those seem to be the worst :)

    "Fix thy joy on something years cannot maim" -- the best advice!

    1. lol!!!those mirrors are MONSTERS!!! I should have warned...your lingering second looks will turn to duck and run.;-0

      Thanx friend:)So glad we have a Greater Joy to fix our hope upon!

    2. You'd think mirrors at stores would be the most flattering, with the best soft lighting -- to boost the sales.. :)

    3. exactly! I would put in slimming and soft complexion lighting:)


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