Friday, February 9, 2018

Blue-collar Heroes (an oldie re-vamped)

Last night around supper-hour behind the snowplow
came a lineup of homeward bound work-trucks, vans and cars
like pieces of a puzzle in the framework of a country.
Thank-you to all the working-class heroes, whoever, wherever you are!

Blue-collar brave-hearts
They've got no medals
No badges on their
Coat-sleeves or lapels
Working class warriors
Seeking no glory
Fighting life’s battles
And doing it well

Obscure battalion
Work-force deployment
Picks up the armor
Of shovel and cart
Grease-monkey heroes
Some push brooms, wheelbarrows
Keeping the country
From falling apart

Courageous convoy
Gallant and glorious
Punching the clock
While nobody applauds
Nobody mentions
Their names at a gala
For squaring their shoulders
Against all the odds

Blue-collar champions
Humble, hard workers 
 Diligent soldiers
Of toil's honest worth
Working class hero
How the world needs you
Tip 'o the hat
To the salt of the earth

© Janet Martin

Thank-you for coming home tired and still playing with your kids.
Thank-you for not telling them how to live, but showing them.

Thank-you for giving even when life takes more than it seems you have.
Thank-you for being brave without medals,
honest without awards,
and diligent without applause.
...and don't give up.

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