Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Of Fist-a-cuff and Kiss-Me-Love

Let's face is not always coochy-coo.
sometimes its gritting our teeth and forging through
But the thing that makes it worth the fight
Is knowing love will make everything right!

Love is not for the faint of heart
Nor for those self-inclined
Its fist-a-cuff and kiss me, love
Involves body and mind

It sets us free yet binds us close
Its comely fellowship
Makes possible the miracle
That heals wounds it inflicts

The way we are is not enough
Without the tender thrall
That wakes the whole where tug-of-soul
Makes warriors of us all

How hard the thorn of love can prick
And we would miss the rose
But sweeter thus, the bloom, because
We hold the whole stem close

Love is not for the bullish lord
Not for the faint of heart
Where fist-a-cuff and kiss-me-love
Makes love a work of art

© Janet Martin

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