Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Wild-wind Wordle


it rattles the branches, maraca-style 
it scatters the birds that chatter and croon
it chases the girl with honey-sweet smile
across the edge of an afternoon
where crescendo of bared-teeth gale
shatters the silence that else would be
but for the blue-some winds that wail
as winter defies gravity
with ballads that electrify
the brooding poets blood-less sigh

a little Wordle-fun on a wind-wild afternoon!

electrify farewell with kisses
Honey, time's blue-blooded flame
trembles with the bare essentials
of credentials without shame
where the crescendo of hours
shatters high noon's bird's-eye view 
as the dry bones of spent flowers
rattle down the avenue
until snagged in guttered edges
like a dream at middle-age
where teeth clench as twilight wedges
between Her and the next stage


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