Thursday, February 8, 2018

No Matter What...

Touchdown! No, not football...morning!
...have you seen the inspiring footage coming out of the Superbowl 2018 ?!
It's hard to choose just one to share!!!
So exciting to see the glory given to The Giver of every good gift!


Below,  NFL players speak out for Christ!

 Dawn flings her golden cape across a waking world...

It wears us down,
It builds us up
It buoys faith
Or braces doubt
This stumble-tumble
Will humble us
If we are proud

It births the joy
That fathers grief
It breaks dark deep
With dawn’s discourse
Where deathly stealth
Of clock is chief
And only death
Usurps its force

It prepares us
For what is next
Yet what is next
No one full knows
It pricks our fingertips
With thorns
And delights visage
With its rose

Tick-tock, tick-tock
We crawl, we walk
We run and leap
And oh, we fall
While all the while
No matter what
God remains faithful
Through it all

© Janet Martin

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