Monday, February 5, 2018

To Bless and Keep

It is a prayer repeated daily
Because we so need it daily
...that God would bless and keep! 


This is one of those poems that can be read through as one poem 
or pick a verse 
for a quick rhyme-kick;-)

Before this day is swept away
Into the archives of the mind
Where echoes of its tendered love
Rise from ashes of daily grind
Before the doors on eastward shores
Swing wide then fade to midday blue
Above the noise that life employs
Of plans to make and work to do
Before we stare agape at air
That holds the lair where seasons sleep
Let’s bow beneath dawn’s baited breath
And implore God to bless and keep

This skin and bone that hours hone
With grin and groaning’s up and down
Soon learns the truth; suave, slick, fair youth
Falls prey to age’s hoary crown
…while we smiled, beguiled, like a child
By lollipops and laughing eyes
We licked Time's spoons and danced to tunes
That led too soon, to meek surprise good, no good to mourn the ‘should-
Have, could-have, would-have’s trampled sweep
But with bowed head, to pray instead
For gracious God to bless and keep

Some days are rough, some slip silk-soft
Where pictures waft on Bygone’s breeze
How swift time’s gifted moments drift
From fingertips to memories
Dawn’s gold and gray that tips yon tray
Where come-what-may looms like thick fog
Is not some fluke kiss or rebuke
Tossed to us like bones to a dog
God grants His grace to human race
Where proud and meek till the same heap
And all may plea on humble knee
For His mercy to bless and keep

© Janet Martin

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