Friday, February 23, 2018

Some Things Good To Know

So, we have had a few disappointments here in Canada 
Tasted a bit of  disappointment with the athletes
 on our Women's and Men's hockey teams

Let's not let disappointment overshadow the highlights and
  amazing accomplishments of our Canadian athletes in Pyeongchang.
Well done Canada!
 A look back at a highlight moment from last week...

 It's good to think about what's good to remember!
A week ago I remarked to Jim that we hail the football players for catching a ball,
The athletes for their efforts (and well we may)
but there are no cheers and standing ovations as the Dr. pulls a tumor from a body :)
Now there's a hero!
(a week ago Jim was in hospital for removal of a small tumor.)
He is feeling well a week later but he will not see a Dr. 'til Mar. 13 
then we find out the results regarding the tumor.
So impressed with the HARD working Dr.s and nurses.
They need a shout out too!

Here's a little 'good-to-know' contemplation...

Good to know that God will hear us
Even when prayer has no voice
Good to know that He is near us
Not by chance but by His choice

Good to know guilt is forgiven
And God’s grace is undeterred
Good to know after death, Heaven
If we are washed in the blood

Good to know no one can earn it
Redemption’s deliverance
Good to know that we can learn it
Patience for the circumstance

Good to know the green of May-June
Clothes the March tree, shiver-clad
Good to know earth is not immune
To the tune that makes it glad

Good to know we are all tethered
To the Thing that leaves us vexed
And the seasons we have weathered
Prepares us for what is next

Good to know we need each other
It is hard to love alone
Where the bud relays the flutter
That decays on graven stone

Good to know joy precedes sorrow
And no matter come what may
We can try again tomorrow
Where we failed a bit today

(unless it was Olympic Gold in Canadian hockey or curling we were trying for…
…then we have to wait four years to try again😀

© Janet Martin

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