Monday, February 5, 2018

The Page We Write Life's Poem On...

its parchment is like grass spread earthy-green with petal-fray
it catches fancy footwork where life and death intersect
and flowers before eyes in masterpieces of decay
for soon the hour spills its bloom to tombs hunger-bedecked

its scribble sheet of cold and heat and dirt in fingernails
hails blue sky tent pitched overhead like heaven’s giddy grin
where we lug have-and-hold sometimes like seed-potato pails
sometimes like gold pilfered to vaults cradled in carts of skin

its gifted ink of pastel pink on dusk’s pastoral leas
of winter-bronze on polished ponds as black heaven grows dim
of moody blue and ruby hues and saffron-tickled seas
is like four-season beauty of trees etched on twilight’s scrim

its vellum is a star-strewn middle night, an afternoon
of landscaped thoroughfares begging to feel the touch of feet
the page we write life’s poem on is like a slice of moon
enticing us to pen another verse of Bittersweet

© Janet Martin

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