Thursday, December 28, 2017


It's a quiet afternoon,
the only sounds are the click of a keyboard in one room
and the clack of a type-writer in the next 
Victoria has long longed for a typewriter 
...since Christmas morning she is the proud owner of one:)

I remarked to her how quiet it is when two people are lost in a world of words...

Lost in a world of words
A pleasant place to be
Where thought is tossed on waves of truth
And footloose fantasy

Through phantom woods we roam
Kicking syllabic dust
Lost twixt a world of home sweet home
And winsome wanderlust

There is no here nor there
We sail and sail away
On nothing but a wooden chair
We touch worlds held at bay

Don’t look for us, my dear
The paths are strange and blurred
Lost somewhere between there and here
In wonder-worlds of word

© Janet Martin

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