Thursday, December 28, 2017

Heart's Content

Some simple-king things that make this heart glad!

(I'm having a 'to-my-heart's-content-writing-day while Victoria plays the piano...
simple things for common kings:)

Tell me, how much is ‘heart’s content’?
It seems the heart is wish-whim bent
It begs, it prays, it pleads and bleeds
And often wants more than it needs
Yet somehow feels as rich as kings
With life’s simple everyday things

A mail-box with a Christmas card
A lone leaf etched on winter’s yard
A baby’s smile, no any smile
Makes us feel richer by a mile
With all the things a heart can hold
Dearer by far than hordes of gold

Red woolly hats, warm, fuzzy mitts
Chubby-cheeked 'bubbas' soft as kitts
Feet walking with nowhere to be
 With one-and-only-you with me
Snow-sugared welkin overhead
And every hill a feather-bed

The heart, though it is prone to wish
Is like an overflowing dish
When it begins to recognize
How simple things are living’s prize
And nothing in the whole world brings
True happiness like simple things

A mug of steaming ‘second cup’
A family with which to sup
A hand to hold and lips to kiss
Tell me, what is better than this?
A whole head full of words to use
In poetry or love; you choose

A heaven wild with pinkest pink
A laughing child, a book to drink
Piano-plink, Bing Crosby’s voice
A plate of tasty sweet-treat choice
A morning, still smooth and unmarred
A teenage face with eyes dream-starred

A winter woodland paradise
A sudden steal-my-breath surprise
Because the love I have for you
Feels like a bike shiny and new
And then I sing and sing and sing
Spurred by the happiness you bring

And to my heart’s content I grin
Glad for this weathered bag of skin
That houses more than blood and bones
It is a vault of precious stones
That tames the beast of wish and whim
And pours joy right up to the brim

A nook of vine-wisped look-at-me
A brook of sun-kissed poetry
A fenceless field of azure sky
Above a grove where dreamers lie
To soak in moments mercy-spilt
Where childish voices waft and lilt

…and satisfy the heart’s content
No greedy gain, no money spent
Just one wide open afternoon
Where it is always middle-June
And everyone is rich as kings
In a heart glad with simple things

© Janet Martin

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