Wednesday, December 27, 2017

When The Sigh That Seals Goodbye Is Breathed

 Have you begun yet...the evaluation of The Old,
The Resolution of The New?

If when the sigh that seals my cry is cast
And all accomplishment and charge is past
If, when the Author of life snuffs its wick
Like puff of wind across a candlestick

If, when the ebbing toll of day to day
Steals all but Intangible Soul away
If, when this speck of dust I trek and till
Is heaped up like a mole-hill, cold and still

If when the promises I vow to keep
And avid resolutions lie asleep
And all the happiness I held and sought
Is nothing more than someone else’s lot

If, when this glorious task of here and now
Is caught up in That Holy Undertow
Its fragments left with those I leave behind
To gather severed ends of ties that bind

If,when Time's Circumstantial Evidence
Has nothing left to show but recompense
After the Inevitable takes place
And plays its tear-notes on love’s downcast face

Please, may the groundwork where my footsteps fell
Serve those who follow then, and serve them well
May where I worked and wished and hoped and prayed
Be more than just a lot of lost noise made

And when the sigh that seals good-bye is breathed
I pray I leave love's noble Best bequeathed
When the ship called Forever hoists its mast
And seals the sigh that holds my farewell fast

© Janet Martin

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