Thursday, December 28, 2017

No Mere Existence, This!

 Josh Turner's breath-stealing rendition of this song  reminds us to make certain of our salvation!

While I was writing this we received awful news; 
the 16 yr. old son of someone my husband knows very well 
was killed this morning in a snowmobile accident!
Please pray for Wayne and Doreen Gingrich and family!
He leaves behind three older brothers.

No mere existence, this; the sacred fount
That grants each day of grace runs full and free
Before the call when all will give account
And who knows when that solemn Then will be
Where bold, cold boast of Unbelief will fail
As it beholds the truth of Satan’s lies
While mysteries of faith will rend the veil
That tortures sight with agonizing ‘whys’

No mere existence, this; no trite tick-tocks
Though they might lull us into apathy
If we ignore the door that death both locks
And flings wide into vast eternity
The Giver of the spring that fills Time’s This
That spills into a new Today of Grace
Is not willing that any soul should miss
The gift He came to give to human race

Bethlehem’s babe became Calvary’s Lamb
To satisfy the wrath of God; God’s son
Became once and for all, pardon’s I AM
And saves us from the wrath that is to come
No mere existence this; each sacred breath
Draws us nearer to Soul’s Forevermore
No mere existence this; where body’s death
Closes and opens a most awesome Door

© Janet Martin

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