Monday, December 4, 2017


A poem smiles across the miles
Where hands and feet cannot access
It feathers ramparts of the heart
With gentle love and happiness

A poem roves o'er dusky coves
It snores in fencelines echo-steeped
On sod's repose a poem blows
To scatter blooms on furrows reaped

A poem cheers across the years
Ink-murmurs adhered to plain page
Where stilted form calms, quickens storms
With script from tomes yellow with age

A poem broods in winter-woods
It curls and swirls in rock-strewn rill
A lullaby in full moon’s sky
A roguish kiss to vex and thrill

Epiphany of mystery
And expectation intertwined
Troubadour of life’s laugh-limp-love
It woos the dreamer whisper-blind

It's sweetness drops like apple-plops
When autumn strums the laden tree 
It replays scenes of what-has-been
In sentimental luxury

A poem melts and melds and molds
The gray and gold of season-tide
It draws two hearts that seem apart
Until they nestle side by side

© Janet Martin

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