Friday, December 8, 2017


Imagine when the applause and worship of nations is all that we will hear 
no longer marred by sorrow or fear...

In the movie White Christmas there is a scene at the end when the 151st Division honors their general and they line the hall applauding him as he passes through...

Imagine Heaven then...oh!!

When we, with eyes fixed on a face
No longer wonder at the why
But gaze on the Author of grace
As Hope and Faith forgotten lie

When we, once weak and weary-worn
Line streets of gold to hail the King
And touch the marks induced by thorn-
Pressed on his brow of suffering

When we, in speechless awe bow down
And kiss the feet still bearing scars
And touch the trailing of a gown
That fills a temple set on stars

When we at last will find a way
To thank Him for His love for us
And all that we can think to say
Is just one word, Jesus, Jesus

Then we, freed from Self’s rag of stain
Will join the gathered throngs to sing
Worthy, worthy, Lamb that was slain
When we see Jesus Christ the King

© Janet Martin

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