Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Lay of Day-to-Day...and 11mo. grand-baby pics:)

It lolls in bowls of farm-fresh eggs
Or apples sliced for sauce
It hums its hymns in leafless limbs
Stripped of glossy green floss

It hugs with mugs of coffee, tea
It anchors hope in prayer
It wanders through dusk’s yonder blue
Where starlight spins a stair

It tilts our heads to catch the lilt
Of little baby-coo
It turns our hearts to works of art
With wonder ever new

It wakes within an aching sob
That love alone inspires
Spaghetti-pots, forget-me-not
Can kindle holy fires

It draws, with laws of letting go
Keenness to what we hold
It slides sock feet across a street
Of Bygone’s tempered gold

It chases grace across a sky
Soon snuffed of afternoon
Come darling, let’s forget to fret
Let’s lick the mixing-spoon

…it employs joy in scattered toys
Where girls and boys play, roam
It is the lay of day-to-day
And precious home sweet home

© Janet Martin

...and grandson is 11 mos.!!!

this last photo stirred the song below in my heart


  1. This is a great idea: taking pics every month next to that blackboard! Your grandson is a handsome young man, and your daughter is a beautiful young mother! Thank you for sharing, Janet. :)

    1. thank-you:0 these are most precious day-to-days, for sure! I love the idea of the blackboard too. One more month and I hope to do a photo book of the first year.


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