Sunday, December 31, 2017

Of Felled Flower-Hours...

Happy last day of 2017!
Thank-you to all of you who drop by this humble poem-porch! 
I appreciate and love you. 
God bless you and yours as we embark on a whole new Unknown
...but for this; God's faithful mercies.

Its summer-songs are sealed
As is each autumn hour   
The winter where Year’s welcome pealed
Yielded to spring’s first flow’r   

A sentimental love
Like mist veiling life’s din
Settles across the annals of
Scenes chronicled within

…where easy come and go
Seems time’s inherent bent
Soft, swift, farewell follows hello
Of day-week-month-Year spent

And where weariness weights
The shoulders of the Old
A ray of newness radiates
Across Time’s dying wold

...where summer songs still wait
As does each autumn hour
And winter is a glorious gate
That leads to spring’s first flow’r

© Janet Martin

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