Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Not Too Late To Say I Love You....


I had begun another theme for today then this song was in my in-box this morning because
I subscribe to The Piano Guys channel...
Last year tragedy rocked the family of Piano Guys musician John Schmidt.

We all know someone who is missing someone this Christmas.
 May this stir us to treasure life's loves still within reach! 

Not too late to say I love you
Touch your face and kiss your cheek
Not too late to say I’m sorry
To find words we ought to speak
Love, life’s best blessing is waiting
To give someone’s heart a lift
This year, while we’re celebrating
Let’s make love our greatest gift

Walk the mile that makes us humble
Stop to listen while we may
Make a memory worth keeping
Who knows what fills morrow’s tray?
Hug each other, hold with wonder
We who need each other so
Thank the Creator of Heaven
For its glimpses here below

Darling, let’s not take for granted
What slips through our hearts and hands
Take a moment, be enchanted
By the music of the dance
Not too late to say I love you
Cherish cares that love will bring
For we never know for certain
When death changes everything

© Janet Martin

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