Thursday, December 14, 2017

Deadline Season?

 This fellow has no deadlines or cares. No wonder we are told to behold the birds of the air...

Here is a glimpse at deadline details:)
Believe it or not when I got up my sink was empty and counters clean and clear!

It feels like deadline season; to-do lists tap at our brains
And we are torn twixt stress and happiness it seems to bring
But friend, take heart for oh, the part that matters thus remains
There is no deadline for the joy of worshipping the King

It feels sometimes like days are shorter than they used to be
Seasons slips through our bearing like a breeze or blip of song
But oh, then gentle kindness soothes thought’s sentimental spree
The love we feel at Christmas is in season all year long

…so, in the hustle-bustle that comes with planning and prep
Let’s try to keep in mind more than the chore and shopping list
And think of those that wish we’d slow our gotta-go-go step
Lest things that matter most somehow becomes the part we missed

It feels like deadline season; my the twenty-fifth comes fast
As hours melt like snowflakes on a sun-kissed windowpane
And we are caught between the dream and sheen of shadows cast
Where season hinged to season weaves an ether echo-train

The youngest and the oldest need our time rather than stuff
There is no deadline to The Gift that everyone can bring
So let The Reason for the Season fill our hearts with love
And peace, for there is no deadline for worshipping the King

© Janet Martin

 The youngest and the oldest need our time rather than stuff..., as if to challenge me to add substance to these words just now Little Girl asked
"Will you read this book to me?" so we did... 

 "I love Baby Jesus" she said when we finished reading the book
and singing/listening the song below...



  1. Love stopping by and listening in..
    Thank you.

  2. thank-you:) you know the welcome mat is always out!


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