Saturday, December 23, 2017

Fit For a King

Yesterday my to-do list kept me hopping from dawn til midnight...

I kept meaning to do a blog-post but with the planned and unplanned keeping me on my toes
all of a sudden yesterday turned into today...

Today the world is a glass-castle...enjoy  our out and about-ness!

Nature is clad like royalty
In crown and gown befitting Her
Diamond and star-dust filigree
On lowly frond and lofty fir

Nature heralds Creator God
From Him, through Him, for Him Her praise
Seraphim of breathtaking laud
Captivates man’s astonished gaze

Nature, subject to One puts on
Beauty; Her garb designed by He
Who sent to earth His only Son
As a ransom for you and me

Nature in every season hails
The Artist of sky, sea and sod
His is the love that never fails
Nature or man; Creator God

Then let us learn from nature, dear
Like minstrels formed of leaf and limb
Not just at Christmas but all year
Raise joyous songs of praise to Him

© Janet Martin

 For from him and through him and for him are all things. 
To him be the glory forever! 
Romans 11:36

So, Let's celebrate!
Merry Christmas

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