Saturday, December 16, 2017

Because It's Christmas, Let's Celebrate!

Just because its Christmas, trouble does not disappear
How then do we find true joy? Who can give us Christmas cheer?
Life is filled with strife and stress
How can we find  happiness?
The answer will always remain the same
Joy, cheer, happiness; Jesus is His name

Nothing sparks wonder like gazing at the Story of Jesus!
(the Nativity scene, hands down, is the highlight for children when they help me decorate)

...and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins."

Loneliness, heartache, grief, care
Discouragement, vanished goal
Fatigue, longing, fear, despair
Pain of body, heart and soul
Christmas does not heal the man
But the Author of it can

Cheery wreaths and colored balls
Twinkly tree and sugar-treats
Fa-la-la and deck the halls
Cannot bring goodwill and peace
Glitter-garland, tinseled glam
Cannot outshine Bethlehem

Life is hard and so is love
Hope and joy, ah, who can find
But in He who came to prove
Love suffers long and is kind
Ah, herein begins a cheer
We can celebrate all year

Ring those bells and sing and sing
What of dark days that we dread?
What of what Unknown will bring?
Hope and comfort are not dead
They came from Heaven to earth
Through the Christ Child’s humble birth

Jesus, then help us trust You now
 Help us to believe your Word
Saviour of the world art Thou
Angels sang and shepherds heard
Then, let us make haste like they
To see where the Christ Child lay

Janet Martin

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful! So meaningful (and such truth)> Janet - thanks for sharing your gift! x

  2. Hi Glynis, and thank-you:) wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!


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