Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What Mothers Love...

Though flowers are so pretty
And make us feels like kings
We Mothers love to be loved with
Life’s lovely simple things

The gifts that we most treasure
Are not sold in a shop
But spill in unexpected hugs
Of, ‘thanks, I love you, Mom’

My dears, you cannot fathom
The depth of tenderness
Within a mother’s heart of hearts
For your full happiness

And while we cherish deeply
Your cards and gifts and such
Love renders something dearer
That presents cannot touch

We love your thoughtful sentiments
But even more than these
We love the moments that turn into
Lifetime memories

© Janet Martin

On Friday evening Emily came over because Melissa was home for the week-end and we 'girls' hung out, drinking tea, laughing and chatting about...anything! When Melissa was feeling badly about not being home to bring something next weekend I told her she under-estimates the value of her being here, right here, right now, and that her mother's joy-cup is over-flowing simply by her coming home from time to time!

My son just sent me a 'the coffee was delicious' text from school. Aren't those little 'love-notes' the best?!

These are the 'gifts' a mother treasures.

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