Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On Wanting What We Have...

And suddenly I want for naught
But that which has been granted me
Perhaps a little garden-plot
And toil to soil my hands and feet

A little dish to fill and serve
A stream to sit and dream at will
A string perhaps to fish the verve
Of silver strung beneath the hill

A giggling boy or girl to soothe
And smooth the wrinkles on my brow
Where care would surely be a ruth-
Less tyrant; all I want is Now

A little song to sing, a prayer
To pray and fortify my hope
A spoon that spills in sun-kissed air
A stroll on daisy-dappled slope

I want the things I do not have
My ‘do-not-haves’ the odyssey
Whereby I learn to brave the crave-
-ing of wishes that cannot be

And suddenly I do not grieve
Those leaves I pined for yesterday
Reminded it is God who gives
And also God who takes away

© Janet Martin

Does this happen to you? When you see someone lose that which we tend to take for-granted every day, suddenly Do you not ever-so-simply want only what you have?!


  1. This struck such a chord with me - this past couple years, I've been involved in or on the periphery of quite a few sad reminders to be thankful for who we hold and the enough that is here and now. Especially loved the "little garden plot...little dish...little song" - the sweetness of embracing contentment in the little things!

    1. Cyndy, thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts. there is nothing like loos to remind us of what we hold and love, yes, even my warped-bottomed rocking-on-the-burner frying pan:)

      May your day be rich with reminders of little things to be thankful for:)
      God bless.

      I'm off to visit my sister-in-law and bring her lunch. she is another reason i embrace the ordinary!! Her life is a roller-coaster of sudden health-issue pop-ups!


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