Monday, May 4, 2015

A One-time Opportunity

Now we, beneath time’s setting-rising sun
For all the sighing, laughing, weeping strife
Have but one opportunity, my love
To live, come thus what may, a lovely life

This passing through time’s way is fraught with care
And oft we may be tempted to complain
But, if we shape our pleas in humble prayer
God is faithful to comfort and sustain

There are no guarantees in life but one
With its last breath, death seals our destiny
Where we reckon to God what we have done
With this; the courtship of eternity

For, but once we traverse Mercy’s through-way
The cradle and the grave wrest side by side
Betwixt, God grants the opportunity
To live, come thus what may, a lovely life

© Janet Martin

We stood at the coffin for a few moments, among throngs of neighbors, family and friends who came to do the same; see one who has lived his lovely life and to offer condolences to his dearest love’s, as they experience God’s arms around their deep, deep sorrow and relief for their beloved Arnold who will never suffer again!

 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted...Ps.34:18

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