Sunday, May 24, 2015

Daylight Slips Where Air Eclipses Time's Ellipses...

Daylight slips where air eclipses Time’s ellipses ethereal
Sky-lines etched like charcoal sketches stretch blue shadows long until
Darkness covers loners, lovers; morrow hovers soft, aloft
Where the charter of an hour never barters with the clock

Midnight’s morrow with its sorrow none can borrow of its ilk
Dew and dust anoints the Must that God appoints to us; Time’s silk
Like an ocean in slow-motion washes over twilight’s world
Daylight slips, darkness eclipses the ellipses dawn unfurled

Morning offers merchants, scoffers, beggars, coffers fresh, unfilled
In the quiet echoes riot where the dark of night has stilled
Tussles with the hustle-bustle rubric of Time’s gossamer
Daylight slips where the eclipse of past, present and future blur

© Janet Martin

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