Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tis No Small Thing...

Tis no small thing to stand upon the brink of pink-birthed Day
And touch our feet to sod and heart to God where Unknowns splay
Tis no small thing to drink with eyes, extensions of His grace
And realize the awesomeness of Time’s intricate space

Tis no small thing to grip the handle of mortality
Poised inconceivable, on fathoms of eternity
Where touch and trust and taste prove without words who is our God
Tis no small thing, this travelling across Time’s bitty sod

Tis no small thing to humbly bend the knee and bow the head
Acknowledging the hand that breaks our loaf of Daily Bread
Sensing Something much bigger than the tides that ebb and flow
Tis no small thing to drink the dripping cup of Here and Now

Enter His gates with thanksgiving; enter His courts with praise
Tis no small thing; this ephemeral string of numbered days
The Here that we encounter but a vapor-winnowing
Bear well the air of ‘Ere Farewell’ where There is no small thing

© Janet Martin

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