Saturday, May 16, 2015

An Unexpected Host...

Forever is an unexpected Host
Future to past a subtle interchange
Before and ever-after juxtaposed
Like speeding north and south-bound phantom trains
One weighted with Unknown’s eternity
The other with what nevermore can be
And we, it seems straddle the middle track
Caught twixt looking ahead and looking back
Slow down, whoa now, you hasting Thing of need
Where rare and priceless diamond-farthings bleed

I thought I loved you then, but oh, but now
My love has multiplied ten-thousand fold
The seeds have grown, how full the heart-sheaves bow
Where youth, eager for more than they can hold
Are unaware as yet of what we learned
As once upon a time our hunger burned
Like theirs, but oh, but now we cannot grasp
The ease with which the future becomes past
Then, an epiphany of common awe
Stuns us with the deftness of mortal law

Forever never alters its firm stance
Nor can it be persuaded to recoil
Should we on bended knee plead one last dance
With what has become victim of Time’s spoil
There is a Forever that waits beyond
This ballyhoo on earth’s wee  blue-dot pond
But oh, the Forever that first we taste
Comes on us with suave, unforgiving haste
Striking a sword to heart-chords innermost
Forever is an unexpected Host

© Janet Martin

It suddenly struck me like a punch to the gut tonight! Today was so noisy and busy I didn’t really have any thinking time and then tonight while working outside it dawned on me that today a New Forever begins…This week-end Victoria, our ‘baby’ joins the youth group and she will have a somewhat busier social-life leaving mom with many more ‘alone’ evenings and... Time on her hands?! 
I’m trying to remember what those things were that I thought I would do WAY back when I didn’t have time to do anything but look after a family of growing-ness!
Forever seems to add to its archives far too much far too quickly...

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