Friday, May 29, 2015

Finding My Mind...Wandering

I’m a day late with Thursday’s wikem. Thank-you Sasha, for the weekly inspiration! 

A mind /ˈmnd/ is the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory—a characteristic of humans, but which also may apply to other life forms

The trees are humming my favorite song
And I am trying to follow along

For in its new-born-green-leaf melody
My mind turns both friend and enemy

Letting me linger while letting me down
Fleet-fingered vortex vexing mortal crown

Keeping enough to let me know the rest
Somehow got lost in life’s juggle and jest

Where, like a clenched fist Thought tries to hold on
As time inhales and exhales, dusk, then dawn

While ever filling archives of the mind
Scattering pieces that I cannot find

But just now, when the blue breeze ran its grin
Over leaves, like Green-sleeves on a violin

...I heard a melody stirred in its twirl
Of half-woman and half yesterday’s girl

And I am inclined to allow my mind
To look for the pieces that it cannot find

Because, quite frankly, I find that my mind
Is a bit like a dandelion in the wind...

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank you for the wickedly good Thursday treats, Janet!

  2. "half-woman and half yesterday’s girl" - I know that feeling - what a splendid capture of it!

    1. :-)) 'the woman' has just completed a day of digging, trimming, mowing, laundry! It looks like a good-sky-night so 'the girl' is going out on a quick bike ride before it's too dark! hope your week-end will be a nice blend of both woman-girl!!

      thank-you for the thoughts, as always.


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