Friday, May 1, 2015

Of Time and Men...Farewell to April

Farewell, my love, until we meet
Again on some far, yonder street
Where we will greet each other then
With that kinship of time and men

…and we will sigh, and say, my, my
Or echo how ‘time sure does fly’
While you resume your vexing flaunt
Of shower, sun and snowy taunt

Come darling, ere the hour is spent
Hold me and hear my last lament
For I have much I long too tell
I am not ready for farewell

Still, I can almost hear the clock
Unbar the door that it will lock
Then kiss me soft, and kiss me slow
While I am learning to let go…


I was racing against the clock but she locked April to the past before I could click 'publish!!

Hello, May:)
As I recall, you're a friendly sort
The kind that makes us smile
And forget that we ever wished
April would stay a while

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