Friday, May 22, 2015

Blue Everywhere

Wikem again:) care to try one? You never know where a prompt will take you. Hop on and see?! Everyone welcome on the wikem-train!

  there is no blue pigment in blue eyes. Distant objects appear more blue because of another optical effect called atmospheric perspectivewikipedia

Ether illusion
Whimsical When
Draining an ocean
To fill a pen

Darling of dreamers
Lost lullaby
Summer forever
Cupped in your sigh

Belle of a brave heart
Boast of bygone
Blanket of God-art
Breathtaking yon

Banter of breezes
Decanter drained
Into embraces
Barely contained

Slip of a whisper
Spills to the air
Stirring the silence
Blue everywhere

© Janet Martin


  1. Hi, Janet!! Hope you're well :) In high school I happened to write a report about Leonardo da Vinci, and that's where I first learned about atmospheric perspective. It's a beautiful optical illusion... and your description is just as breath-taking :)

    1. That must have been a wonderful class to take!! S nice to see you. We are well and I hope you are too.


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