Friday, May 8, 2015

Heart-string Tempests

Something on yonder berm tugs at something inside of me
And draws me to the verge of what I cannot fully see
Darling, it seems before we have a chance to fully taste
The moment in our hands it is extracted and replaced
The tempest on a heart-string blurs fathoms of faith and fear
Where ‘hello, love’ and parting intertwine and commandeer

Look, look, the shell of new farewells is dawning on the east
And oh, I dare not linger for Time is a hungry beast
But still I must for soon the dust of it drifts on the west
A sun and shadow vortex never needing time to rest
Darling, a sacred citadel of hold and letting go
Erects itself within my heart in tempests, searing, slow

Sometimes I barely bear this thing surging o’er yonder hill
For innocence must soon learn recompense; life’s good and ill
Are never very far apart; the heart will testify
How readily its laughter spawns oceans within the eye
Meanwhile, the smile that fathers tears ever so willingly
Strengthens the tempest in my heart soft-softly killing me

© Janet Martin

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