Thursday, August 14, 2014

We're All in This Together

Robin Williams's death by suicide, and the coverage surrounding it, has prompted a discussion about the responsible way to report such cases.
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Many of us know someone whose picture could be posted here, perhaps not as well known as Robin but as much loved!

We’re all in this together
No one a stepping-stone
To crush in our endeavor
To reach the top alone

We’re all in this together
Shoulder to shoulder we
Are part of one another
Earth’s great big family

…of human-nature weakness
And flesh-soul labyrinth
Where none are more or lesser
To He who gives us strength

Thus, we with kinder caring
And hearts that sympathize
Together, should be sharing
Life’s battle to the Prize

For who can know tomorrow?
Who can its fortune prove?
We’re all in this together
Still learning how to love

Pray God to give us hunger
Not for the things of dirt
But love for one another
To bind us through life’s hurt

© Janet Martin

Once again the topic of depression, addiction and suicide take headlines in the aftermath of Robin Williams' death. A few thoughts sparked this poem;  Susan's words of encouragement
and a paragraph in an article by Murray Pura directed to writer's in the latest issue of *Fellowscript magazine...
Isn't this a great motto for everyone; To promote/help/love each other because it is the right thing to do!?
Do you think there might be less suicide if we made this our 'hunger'?

*(Included in an  Inscribe membership is a a bi-monthly edition of Fellowscript, a magazine to encourage/educate writers at all levels.)

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