Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer in Slow Motion

Noon plays like a cello through arc of green leaf
Time drapes warm and mellow, a fellow reposed
We scrawl on its awning with eyes half-closed
Lying unhurried beneath summer’s sheaf

 Loose-strife meanders through meadows sunlit
Laughing like stragglers with nowhere to be
We search the sky for its line on the sea
Willing the hours to stumble a bit

Down by the river where once we were young
And days were forever with nary a care
We pause, reaching to recapture its air
But moments melt like snow-drops on our tongue

Green is a girl, glad and daring to dream
Maiden of music and arms flung full-wide
Bronze is the mother that walks by her side
Hearing the echo of footfalls, it seems

That bend in the lane begs our feet to go free
We are not chained like convicts to life’s toil
Surely the pulse of youth throbs in earth’s soil
Summer spills petals like silk saffron tea

© Janet Martin

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