Monday, August 25, 2014

August Morning Concerto

 As the sun broke over the horizon dawn's blue scarf turned to gold...

The earth is a sea of splendor
The sky a land of dreams
On every hill a garden blooms
On every cloud, requiems

Nature’s orchestral harmony
Of sweeping canticle
Blends bold and bashful beautiful
Into a miracle

Morning, a silk scarf on the air
Wraps far-off hills in blue
While on earth’s front row flowers trill
In heaven-tendered hue

...and we of meeker filament
Dumbstruck by happiness
Are blessed to be the audience
To such a choir as this

© Janet Martin

The sun has chased away those early morning cloud-swirls where eyes are torn between gazing awestruck at the landscape or sky; creation is a plethora of praise today! These Monday morning commuters are treated to a prize performance God-granted!

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