Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh, Youth

I sent my daughter the link to this message hoping she will listen to it and take it to heart...

Oh, you of fledgling armament
How easily you dare
To don that naive confidence
That only youth can wear

Oh, you of callow plans and schemes
How fearlessly you leap
Upon a frigate made of dreams
While practiced dreamers sleep

Oh, you of eyes all eager-lit
And boast of words untried
Delighting in your new-born wit
And virgin sense of pride

Oh, you of mountain-moving faith
Of hope boundless and brave
You do not even recognize
This lovely Thing you have

Janet Martin

I told Emily tonight that I spent the day in the garden thinking and praying, just like last fall on the Monday after her wedding.  It's such a nice peaceful, pleasant place to be and so much fruit is ready to be picked!

…now suddenly I think I understand why my mom spent/spends so much time in her garden
Plucking, pulling, picking, pruning…and praying.

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