Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My August

Oh, I am in love with you
Downcast eyes of dusty blue
Bloom-filled fist and apron too
Dear August

Musky-dusk and dew-drenched morn
Hazy noon and peach-sweet warm
Breezes bent with scent of corn
In August

Cricket-choir mezzanine
Thoroughfare of gold and green
Sun-flow’r etched on azure sheen
Of August

Tender tug-of-war romance
Debonair Don Juan, you dance
I, a puppet in your hands
My August

I will trail you to your brink
On a hem-line stippled-pink
Where your sleepy brooklets wink
Through August 

For I am in love with you
Kindling sighs of deeper hue
Where your eyes droop, bluer blue
My August

© Janet Martin

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