Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Fine, Fine Free-fall

You tint soft hints in gold-green glints
You drape your cape, a haze
Of cricket-choir and cloud-kissed spire
Of mellow, yellow days

Your charm, sun-warm and honey sweet
Lures like a lover’s kiss
We laugh; your path teases tan feet
And tunes the air with bliss

You thrill the rill with flower-frill
You vex the lonely soul
You drop your leaf like silent grief
Where rain-refrains cajole

But all the while with sultry smile
And daisy-dappled dance
With swallow-tail and rose regale
And summer-dusk romance

You move with grace toward a place
That none of us can quell
We sense it in noon’s gilded grin  
A free-fall to farewell

© Janet Martin

It's a little like this

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